The West End Magazine is the true essence of a boutique magazine with a high quality format, stunning imagery and interesting local content. This timeless style beautifully captures the unique culture and local characters and the magazine is proudly collected and showcased in homes on coffee tables and in businesses, cafes and waiting rooms across the 4101. Now five years old, The West End Magazine reflects the evolving culture, diversity and unique colour of the 4101 suburbs of West End, South Bank, South Brisbane, Highgate Hill and Woolloongabba and has grown to become a much loved and coveted read for the 4101 peninsula and beyond. Our readers and followers are culturally savvy, urban professionals, 4101 locals and 4101 lovers. We work closely with our readers, local businesses and local organisations to continually evolve the magazines unique style and content which draws and followers who live, work and love the 4101, from both inside and outside the postcode.


The printed magazine has a print run of 5,000 copies which are delivered to  apartments within the 4101, posted to businesses and distributed in the rooms of the hotels in area. Printed magazines are supplied to key local events, free of charge and sold in newsagencies in area and across greater Brisbane for $4.40.


Our readers and followers want to engage with the magazine in between printed editions and the online magazine which is easily and conveniently accessed, has expanded editorial content, socials pictorials, comprehensive calendar of events, competitions and much more. The online magazine has over 26,000 page views each month and 6,000 unique visitors, both continuing to grow.


The iPad newsstand version is an exact copy of the print edition and is free of charge. CLICK HERE


The e-newsletter is emailed to over 14,000 each Wednesday. Our readers want to immerse themselves in the 4101 are crave information on everything 4101. SIGN UP BELOW


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