Brisbane raised actor Shuang Hu is a star ascending.

Playing prominent roles as Benjamin Law’s sister Candy in two successful seasons of SBS hit The Family Law, and as Wei Jun in ABC TV series Ronny Chieng: International Student, the talented 20-something (she refuses to divulge her age) seems unstoppable.

Born in China, Hu immigrated with her parents and twin sister at the age of five. Her father had been awarded a scholarship in civil and environmental engineering, and once he had completed his PhD in Australia, Hu’s mother set in stone the decision that the family should stay.

Hu’s fascination with the fantasy world of television began as a very young child, when she would sit watching television all day while other children played outside. Her interest in acting was sparked eight years ago, primarily for some pocket money and because her sister was working as a background extra.

“I called an agency, and they refused to put me on the books.

“The woman there told me if I’d had no acting experience, how could they have the confidence to send me along to auditions? She was really rude about it! So I kind of took that on as a challenge, because I’m quite a competitive person. And I thought, you know what, I’m going to show you!” she said.

Hu’s career has since come a long way, and representing a fresh face of the growing diversity in Australian film and television, she has a positive outlook on the industry’s state of progress.

“I think it’s definitely changed in the last couple of years, ever since The Family Law and Ronny Chieng. Since The Family Law, I’ve been getting a lot more auditions, and not just for Asian characters. I have found roles for Asian characters has grown, as well as casting directors willing to see diverse characters for non-diverse roles,” she said.

“We have a lot more support now. We have amazing writers of diverse backgrounds, and they’re creating content that allows actors of diverse backgrounds to be showcased.

The whole industry is changing because the generation that saw the lack of diversity are now old enough and educated enough and have the ability to make the change.So that first generation wave is coming. It just goes to show that within the diverse people of Australia there are really skilled and talented people who given the chance can really shine.”

Excited about her future career prospects, Hu recently secured a United States (US) work visa after visiting Los Angeles earlier in 2017 to familiarise herself with the US industry. With season three of The Family Law due to begin shooting here in January, Hu plans to move to the US after the series wraps up. “I’ve got representation over there now, and I’m planning on doing some writing, some producing. I want to try to branch out in other areas within this industry,” she said.

No believer in limits when it comes to her drive to succeed, Hu boils it all down to one simple statement. “I think it’s the age old story where you have to create your own fate.”

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