Take a stroll down a typical New York City street and you’re guaranteed to encounter the jam-packed rings of goodness that are bagels. Walking through the streets of Brisbane, however, you are less likely to satisfy any cravings for something fresh, doughy, meaty, cheesy or otherwise.

Eddie Tice and his partner Ania Kutek want to change this. After travelling to New York and falling in love with the iconic food, they are committed to bringing a unique bagel experience to the Brisbane community: enter NYC Bagel Deli. Three years after beginning as a stall in the Davies Park Markets, NYC Bagel Deli has grown to the extent that only months after opening a store in West End, a larger space was needed.

Accordingly, its new venue was launched last Saturday, 8 April. Having moved only right next door to the initial store, owners Eddie and Ania are thrilled they are still able to service their loyal customers, while having the extra and much needed space to welcome new ones.

“We are really excited to be here, to be part of West End. It’s a suburb that we’ve always loved,” Eddie said.

“We were really happy with the old space, and then we quickly realised it was way too small. It was a nice old building, but just not big enough for all our customers, especially on the weekends as it can get really crammed,” he said.

It was in fact a regular customer — and the owner of the neighbouring space, from which they now operate — who suggested the new venue to Eddie and Ania. Previously having to ship bagels from their store in Robina every day, the bigger space is giving them many more opportunities.

“They offered it to us and we are really excited to be here. It’s way bigger, our kitchen’s way bigger, which means we can do bagels on sight. So it’s gonna be awesome to be able to do them here, and actually show people the process of rolling and baking.”

Despite experimenting with different sandwich combinations during their journey from markets to store, NYC Bagel Deli has predominantly stuck to its crowd favourites.

“Every one gets bacon and eggs, especially on weekends, and we’ve got the classics, the rueben and smoked salmon. We have a lot of vegan and vegetarian options. Halloumi is one we tested out at the markets a year or so ago and as soon as we put it on the menu, everyone went crazy so we could never take that one off.”

Their menu is not without its wonderfully quirky items too; Eddie had to admit that the Avo Rose often draws wide eyes and the classic Instagram shot.

“We slice a whole avocado and arrange it like a rose on each half [of the bagel] and then put flowers and dukkah on top.”

With a store set to open in Chermside later in the year, Eddie and Ania remain committed to increasing the often limited range of bagels available to the people of Brisbane.

“There’s always a lot of ideas and offers, at the start we were saying yes to a lot of things. Now we’ve learnt to filter things to see what’s best. We do want a place in the CBD eventually, because that’s where it’s at. There is the possibility of overseas as well.”