Barre Brisbane’s Ash Daniec was a ballet dancer from her early walking days through until her teens.

While travelling overseas, she took a barre class at New York City’s Ballet Beautiful, a ballet-inspired fitness centre adored by celebrities, supermodels and Victoria’s Secret Angels. When she returned home, she noticed a gap in the Brisbane fitness community, which inspired her to create Barre Brisbane in her beloved West End. “I realised the need for something new and exciting in Brisbane and wanted to share this unique style of workout with friends and peers through my own studio,” Ash said. “I wanted to bring like-minded people together, creating a community that not only looks after your physical health, but your mental health as well,” she said.

“We know how much juicier life is when you allow yourself to truly connect, support and inspire one another. We don’t have to do life alone and sometimes it’s much more fun when you can share it with others.”
So what exactly is a barre workout?

This style of exercise usually incorporates ballet-style techniques using low intensity isometric movements and stretches to increase strength, flexibility, stamina and dynamic stability. Similar to
pilates, and sometimes inspired by yoga movements, barre workouts are aimed at all ages and fitness levels.

Barre Brisbane was launched only last year and already Brisbane locals are going mad for the different approach to exercise, according to Ash. Her first studio is nestled within West End’s vibrant community; however, there is already a brand new northside studio in the works in response to what Ash describes as the classes’ soaring popularity.

“Launching Barre Brisbane over 12 months ago was pretty scary and exciting all at the same time; having sleepless nights and small wins along the way,” she said. “Barre is one of the few types of exercises that tones, conditions and strengthens all over whilst using low impact exercises, which is actually beneficial for anyone, no matter how old or

young.” Daniec explains that she loves seeing the positive impact her classes have on clients who attend her studio, giving them a boost of energy both physically and mentally through a gentle but effective workout style.

“Barre Brisbane highlights would be: building an incredible community and making positive impacts on people’s everyday lives,” Ash said. “I love seeing a client walk into class, yawning and barely awake, then leaving with a grin from ear to ear full of energy and a zest for life,” she said. “My ultimate goal is to succeed and make a positive mark on the world, starting in my local community.”

Barre Brisbane offers exercise classes with a twist, with a variety of ballet-inspired workouts on offer. With classes aimed at cardio, stretching and high-intensity interval training and mum and bub classes, there really is something on offer for everyone.