Doggy Day Care in the heart of West End is celebrating its grand opening Saturday 7 April, providing local professional, students and parents an alternative to leaving their furry friends at home.

Doggy Day Care mitigates the stress that dogs may experience from isolation and loneliness. Dogs are happier, more manageable and more responsive to behavioural change and training when these feelings of neglect are lessened. In other words, a furry pal is more likely to bark less and build new trust and bonds with their owner. 

Director and Founder of Doggy Day Care Kaz Kelly is an advocate for animal rights and welfare. Kaz worked as an inspector for the RSPCA and was a Detector Dog Handler for Australian Quarantine at Brisbane International Airport before retiring from the role with her beagle Saige in 2012.

“Saige and I from that point onward promised each other we’d one day open a Doggy Day Care for our local neighbourhood in West End and … voila … here we are ready to open the doors in less than a month time!” said Kaz.

“Dogs are highly social beings and so are their owners. Every third Friday of the month we’ll have social drinks to bring people together – that’s also very important.

“Our commitment to the community is reflected in our efforts to promote Social Inclusion with local non-profit endeavours. We especially want to tackle homelessness with a focus on older women. We believe unconditional love is critical for a healthy bond not just to our four legged friends but the entire community.”

The dog babysitting service will also offer a special range of retail for pooches that reflect both design and sustainability.

Doggy Day Care services will include dog sitting from 6am to 7pm, training, grooming, pick up and drop off, river walks and activities throughout the day.

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