Perched above Boundary Street in West End, the 18 Degrees studio is headquarters to a talented team of producers of television commercials, films and creative video content.

Launched just six years ago, 18 Degrees has already collaborated with some of Australia’s top agencies and companies, including Flight Centre, Cruiseabout, Ramsay Healthcare, and Allianz. The studio has grown in stature, going from strength to strength as it has grown in size.

Director Mel Poole said the driving ambition of the team is to provoke emotion through visually dynamic stories. “Our art as filmmakers is to connect with the audience and make them feel, whether that is directing a commercial or a film,” said Poole. “Brand videos and commercials now have to be far more genuine and relatable.”

The team boasts a wealth of experience, having produced countless commercials and two feature films, with several more in the pipeline. They position themselves as pushing Australian-made films into the international market, with the aim to bolster Australia’s film industry.

“When you can work in an industry that you love and bring stories to life, [it] is a really amazing thing, and it’s not an easy industry to start out in, so staying true to that mantra is where we would like to position ourselves. I think that has been the reason for our success,” said Poole.

Poole herself started out as a journalist, nabbing a job in media after graduating from QUT.

Despite being her dream, she decided to leave journalism behind and steer towards a job that allowed her the freedom to craft creative content.

18 Degrees was co-founded by highly acclaimed cinematographer and director Dan Macarthur, who has worked with Academy Award winning actors like Russell Crowe and Cuba Gooding Jr.

18 Degrees has also appointed AFI-winning visual artist and motion graphics guru Georgie Pinn, who boasts 17 years experience and an Aria nomination for one of her music videos, to add another dimension, literally, to the work.

“Georgie has worked with some of Australia’s events, festivals and producers and will allow us to add cutting edge motion graphics, live video production and a next level of pizazz to our mix,” said Poole.

Poole is proud of her team, saying it is rare to find a unique mix of individuals who pour genuine, raw emotion into their work.

“Having the heart in what you do, no matter what you do or no matter what industry you’re in, if you’ve got that heart and you can bring that to your work, then you’re going to do good work, and people are going to appreciate what you do.”

More than an organisation, 18 Degrees is a team filled with passionate creatives who love what they do, and are making a difference in their field.

Their dream? To bring Australian film and television to a level where seeing a beautifully made local film in cinemas is not a rare occurrence. Between Mel and her team, anything seems possible.

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