The Fox Hotel has launched its new menu, continuing to adapting to new trends hot out of the foodie oven.

If you’ve not visited for a while – Dandy’s Rooftop Bar is the perfect place to chill and catch some cooling summer breezes. It’s a cheery place with loads of space and some pretty great bar staff.

We tried a few cocktails and no doubt the favourite was one with cucumber (concocted so I could forget its name) such a refreshing summer drink.

So when you’re there ask the bar staff to whip you up something that includes cucumber or chose from the menu and you won’t be disappointed.

Then we all traipsed downstairs to a banquet room to sample the new offerings. Between you and me, if I were hosting a function, I would hire this room – with its uber cool tropical décor – in an instant!


Sized for parties of no more than 30, it would be great for a birthday or office function.

The new menu is casual, American meets Australia cuisine. Translation – huge burgers and even larger hot dogs. Seriously, if you can eat one of these babies on your own – you should have your own postcode.

Starting with share plates, there are plenty of fries options, chicken bites, squid, but the out and out favourite was the popcorn cauliflower – probably because it’s a veggie we all know we should eat more of… Also on offer is the usual ‘pub fare’ steaks and parmi’s. And of course plenty of pizzas. But we didn’t go (much) past the double-down burgers.

Double–down burgers, you ask? Well the answer’s in the name. They are all double the patties. And even the young-testosterone-fuelled-males couldn’t finish one.

The most popular was the Mushroom Swing –yep the veggie option—but with mushrooms and halloumi, how could you resist. It was bitey (cheese) and succulent (mushrooms doused in butter). The hit of the day.

For a non-burger option, try the Chicken Foxtrot – the buttermilk crust makes all the difference. For the double-down the Texas Tommy (plus bacon and cheese) and the Trocadero Royale (plus cheese) all scored big pluses too.

Astute readers will have spotted the dance-fuelled names – that’s because The Fox Hotel was a dance hall, way back when. Yes it’s a hotel with one heck of a history and now it has heckish good food.

The menu is available online.

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