Our fascination with the sky and beyond is about to be further fueled and fulfilled with one of the most comprehensive and extensive touring space flight exhibition in the world, NASA – A Human Adventure blasting into Queensland Museum in March.

Queensland Museum is the first in Australia to host the exhibition set to take visitors on a thrilling adventure through space. Minister for the Arts and Minister for Science Leeanne Enoch said the exhibition is a significant event coinciding with a yearlong celebration of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.“With NASA – A Human Adventure, Queensland Museum continues to showcase the enormous impact of science and technology in our society,” she said.

Featuring more than 250 items, including original and space flown objects and scaled models and replicas, NASA – A Human Adventure will allow visitors to follow mankind’s exploration of space. Queensland Museum CEO and Director, Dr. Jim Thompson said the opening of the exhibition will represent a new era for Queensland Museum in delivering quality exhibitions and galleries. “The past 12 months have been an exciting time for Queensland Museum as we embarked on a period of redevelopment, delivering a number of exciting new gallery spaces including SparkLab, our new Sciencentre experience, and Anzac Legacy Gallery,” he said.

The exhibition tells the story of space travel from creative and artists and writers who dreamed of what the future could hold to the early pioneers of space travel and engineering prodigies that have changed the world and our exploration of space.

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