The Me and Art Project is a conglomeration of approximately 70 Japanese artists, curated by Masahiko Takagi. Takagi has been an art curator and dealer for more than 20 years, and has exhibited Japanese Art in Japan, Australia and Europe. His objective in creating the Me and Art Project was to introduce Japanese art to an Australian audience. The Me and Art Project’s final exhibition of the year, Kazuyo’s Collection, is currently being shown in West End.
Exhibited in both collective and solo shows, the Me and Art Project has been displayed in seven locations around Australia, and has garnered international interest. The artists draw their inspiration from Japanese Pop Art, and every artist has their own individual characteristics and style. As one of the project’s featured artists says “These are works with a playful heart. Like fine cuisine, art requires an essential flavour that is unique.”
Kazuyo’s Collection are all “Teshigoto”– handmade products, including ceramics and vintage kimono handbags. Alongside the artworks, a selection of the products are available to purchase. Kazuyo’s Collection is showing at 195 B Boundary St, West End until Saturday, 24 December.