The newest competitor on the sustainable fashion scene is online clothing rental platform LendMyTrend, aiming to make buyer’s remorse a thing of the past.

Founded by university students April Booij, Declan Healey and Aaron Booij, LendMyTrend is a ‘peer to peer’ platform which concentrates on the importance of reducing clothing waste while generating money through a rental system.

“It’s free for anyone to start lending with us,” April said.

“As a Renter, you can enjoy high end fashion on a shoestring budget in a secure manner.”

Ensuring users’ clothes are protected is a high priority to the team, with constant monitoring of all exchanges.

“LendMyTrend tracks correspondence which acts as a security measure should there be a dispute. It provides the option for the Lender and Renter to meet up in person or alternatively post the garments for added security,” said April.

“Unlike some other sites, we have late, theft and garment protection policies; and no expensive, upfront bond.”

LendMyTrend also provides a concierge service, where the team manage the process from receiving, cataloguing, photographing and housing the garments online, through to overseeing the logistics of each rental.

The idea was born when the trio wanted a way to shop high-end, but were limited by a student budget.

Aware of the many Facebook groups offering risky clothes hire, Aaron said they saw a gap in the market for a secure, reliable service that allowed people to have access clothing they may not have previously been able to purchase.

“It creates a large sharing community and gives Lenders a way to justify spending the extra money to buy a pricey garment, because they can make some cash on the side by safely lending it, knowing they’re protected,” Aaron said.

“It also makes fashion sustainable, and for all the fashionistas out there, you never have to be seen in the same outfit twice by having access to what is essentially, an infinite wardrobe.”

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