Wendy Serrano had been working in the social media world for five years before taking a risk and launching her own business, milk. Public Relations.

“I have always wanted to do my ‘own thing’ and after four weeks gallivanting through Europe, I realised there was never going to be a right time, I just had to bite the bullet,” Wendy says.

The name, milk., stems from her travels. “I visited a café in London called milk. run by Australians and loved everything about it!”

While on the trip Wendy kept referring back to her new business idea as milk. PR and it stuck.

“I kept trying to come up with other names, but I didn’t want to be conventional.”

Originally from El Salvador, Wendy came to Australia when she was just a child. Her parents quickly fell in love with West End and decided to stay.

Wendy credits the West End lifestyle for her desire to remain in Brisbane. The suburb’s “quirky” and unique personality helps her keep up with her lifestyle.

“I used to crave escaping the city and moving overseas … but honestly, Brisbane has so much potential and opportunity. I wouldn’t want it any other way!”

It seems fitting then, that milk. stemmed from international inspirations while keeping much of the flavour that is loved from the 4101 district. milk. officially launched in January 2017, though you wouldn’t know it. With only nine months under its belt, Wendy already works with several local brands including FitazFK, Sabo Skirt, Thread Etiquette, Dissh Boutiques, Wallace Bishop, Hardy Brothers, most of the DG food group (think Alfred & Constance, Limes Hotel, Kwans Brothers), Gambaro’s Seafood Restaurant, and most recently Scotch & Soda Australia.

But her journey did not begin with milk. After graduating from Brisbane’s Queensland University of Technology with a dual degree in Business and Journalism, Wendy started her career in digital marketing. “I started off my career as a social media coordinator for Lorna Jane and before you know it I was handling all of the social media channels.”

Her two-year stint in athleisure saw her shift into the world of fast fashion, where she started working for West End business, Dissh. A day for Wendy was handling digital content, running photoshoots and everything in between!

Wendy credits her rapid success to her approach to business. “I wanted to create a next generation PR that breaks the status quo, and really works with businesses to achieve their goals.” milk. is a boutique brand that focuses on being very friendly and personal. “I become a part of their brand, and we go on a journey together,” Wendy says.

As one of West End’s newest residents, milk. shares an office with the FitazFK team, who can usually be found tucking into a Greek feast to wrap up a hectic week in the office. Despite having grown up in West End, Wendy admits that she’s still finding hidden gems in a suburb that’s ever-changing.

“We love our locals, and enjoy supporting family businesses, like one of our favourite coffee hangouts, Morning After!”

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