Mnemonic Mirror launched at the Griffith University Art Gallery in December – an artist-initiated project that explores the complex processes of memory. For this project, the curators have imagined memory as a compendium of things read, felt, observed, or otherwise learnt, which creates our own personal archives.  They believe much of the information we commit to memory is the humdrum of the everyday, though many of our more meaningful recollections are collected subconsciously; stockpiled until specific stimuli bring them to the fore. They say artists in particular find much value in memory; in trying to gain a deeper understanding of their artistic process, they regularly delve into personal memory banks. Works of art, therefore, can often be seen as mnemonic devices. The exhibition runs through until 11 March, 2017.

Banner image: Isabelle Farmer, Fiarrah Poole, Amanda Borgstroem, Grace Lehman