Michael Langanis opened his second barber shop in February 2016 on Boundary St, West End.

An urban and modern space, the store is highly stylised and has moved away from the characteristics of a traditional barber shop in terms of the atmosphere, décor, demographic and cutting styles.

The salon combines an espresso bar and a barber shop. Michael said he’s worked in other stores where this combination worked really well.

“The espresso bar goes really well with the barber shop; it is really cool for Boundary Street, and it goes hand in hand with our services,” Michael said.

Michael started his apprenticeship at Vogue Nationale when he was 15.

“After I did my apprenticeship I started working from home in my parent’s garage and I built up my clientele there. I got really busy and I had to open up a little corner shop in Sunnybank when I was 18. I had that [store] for a year and a half where we built up a really good client base,” he said.

Michael says his store uses more advanced cutting techniques than what is offered at a traditional barber.

During Michael’s apprenticeship, he developed techniques designed for women’s hair and applied these skills when cutting men’s hair.

Achieving texturised, feathered, jaggered and shambolic looks, Michael was frequently praised for his unique style of cutting and advanced scissor work.

When describing his style, Michael says he goes “for more natural looks; we like a dry finish; styles that are a lot easier on the eyes in comparison to real sleek haircuts or sharp lines. We like flowy and natural. The industry leans towards such harsh finishes, and you can appreciate the work but it’s nice if you can make it look softer, with a nice finish, to make it look more effortless.”

Michael compares the styles he and his team create to high fashion hairstyles you would see in a GQ magazine. He wants to continue to expand his business, however he likes the boutique aspect of his store.

“I want to open one per city. I like West End. I wouldn’t go to Bulimba and open one up there. We’ll go to the Gold Coast or take it to a different state.”

Despite aspirations of spreading to cities across the nation, Michael wants his West End store to remain personal and unique. “When you come in, you want to see one of my boys, you ask for them specifically; it’s not just whoever.”

The Langanis Barber has approximately 3000 clients in its system, coming from all over the Brisbane region, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast. The store has an average client return rate of 1.8 weeks, compared to the industry standard of 4 to 6 weeks, says Michael. “Clients don’t wait for their hair to grow out; they are maintaining it so it always looks good, and that’s what we encourage,” said Michael.

Michael’s store is appointment based, and the Langanis Barber Facebook and Instagram pages showcase latest in hair trends.

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