“Paella is a Spanish flavoursome dish prepared with saffron and other spices. The name of this dish come after the name of the special pan where is prepare, called “paellera” My opinion is that Paella is easy and quick to prepare, good to share with family and friends; you can make expensive paella or economical paella, no matter how much you pay for your ingredients “The paella” always taste good and bring happiness when sharing with family and friends. A good red or white is the perfect combination for this dish. “Meat Paella” could have only chicken or different types of red meat combined with wild meat like rabbit. Meat Paella – also could be a mix of all of the above and Spanish chorizo to complement. “Mix Paella” is a paella mix with meat of your preference and seafood of your choice. The most popular combinations are chicken, rabbit, calamari, prawns, clams, blue shells. Buen provecho y salúd! Boon apetite!”

Patricia Braun