“Growing up in a Chilean family, I got treated to a lot of things that my friends didn’t. I didn’t realise this until I invited Katrina over to my grandmother’s to celebrate Chilean Independence Day back in high school. I figured that most things had an Australian equivalent. They did not.

In honour of this Chilean upbringing, I’m bringing you two recipes today: sopaipillas and pebre. In my mind, there is nothing better than this combination, though they’re equally delicious apart.

Sopaipillas are little pumpkin pastries. They’re deep fried and delightfully greasy on your fingers. Going to Nana’s after school, we were frequently scolded for racing around her immaculate house with our sopaipillas clutched in paper towels. “Don’t get grease on the walls!” If you’re not a huge fan of pumpkin, don’t worry – I wasn’t as a child, but you can hardly taste the pumpkin in it.” Tash Pavez