A new West End hidden gem, River Tree Health offers a unique, contemporary approach to treatment where clients and practitioners collaborate to find a multifaceted, integrated approach to gaining and maintaining wellness.

River Tree is excited to welcome a new family doctor to the team, who has expert qualifications in child health and bulk-bills children five and under. Flu vaccines are also available.

Rather than focusing solely on the symptoms, River Tree Health’s doctors and specialists go to the underlying cause of everyday ailments and longer term illnesses for an integrative medical offering.

Integrative medicine is contemporary medicine based on the latest scientific research. It includes studying the effects of gut health and inflammation on the immune system, body, mind, and emotions.

Practitioners offer different programs depending on a client’s ailment, though each pursues the root-cause through a range of analytical tests, including analysing genetics and gut microbiota health, to create a personalised treatment plan unique to each client. This multi-pronged approach addresses chronic and long-term health concerns more successfully than narrow, more traditional approaches. Clients are given the knowledge and tools for years of health.

Seeking to revolutionise the client experience, a visit to River Tree is more equated to a café or day spa than a traditional medical centre. Clients will find complimentary tea and coffee, snacks and cold drinks available for purchase, furnishings, a luxurious waiting room ambiance, and complimentary Wi-Fi.

With clients traveling from around the state, and even New Zealand, for quality integrative medicine, West End locals are fortunate to have it in their own backyard. River Tree Health also offers regular GP services for those looking for a new family doctor.

Good health is an investment, one which River Tree Health wants to help patients achieve.

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