Brisbane four piece The Jungle Giants recently announced they will be touring nationally this April, following the band’s whirlwind success.

Over the past few years they have played some of Australia’s most popular festivals, toured internationally, and released three albums.

“It’s awesome. We kind of reflect on it now that we’re a little bit older, we’re like 24/25 now, we were 18 around that time. It’s awesome were so happy. We’re super cheesy, we all went to school together, so it’s really cute. We’re very grateful,” said Jungle Giants’ bassist, Cesira Aitken.

Cesira said that the band are looking forward to the Quiet Ferocity Tourwhich includes a performance at the Commonwealth Games Festival and shows in Brisbane. Following the release of their latest album Quiet Ferocity, The Jungle Giants were met with massive amounts of positive feedback in Brisbane and beyond.

Cesira said that it felt “pretty awesome” and that “it looks like it’s going to be really fun. I’m very excited about how it’s all playing out.”

One of the most notable signs of The Jungle Giant’s recent success was four of their tracks appearing on Triple J’s Hottest 100 2017. Cesira said that the band were so happy and celebrated with a “really big one”, wrapping up the day with performance that night. Their highest track sat at number 16 on Triple J’s Hottest 100, proving the album was one of 2017’s most loved releases.

Cesira explained how Quiet Ferocity came to be. “So Sam is our songwriter. So he buckled in demo room, recording/writing room, for like a year. He just kept throwing us songs. Once we thought we were ready to go and record, we just kind of did it as we pleased and it was this really kind of cruisey flow to getting from the writing room to all of us being together, recording on the songs together. It definitely worked out really well. It was a very different process to the two records before.”

One major standout from The Jungle Giant’s April tour is the presence of so many under 18 gigs.

Cesira explained that including their younger fans in their live shows is something the band always aims for. “We always feel bad for people when we can’t do it in all places, but because of licensing it can be really difficult.”

While it’s not possible on all legs of their tours, “when we can, we will always do it,” Cesira said.

After all, they know the struggle of being young muso’s wanting to attend and play shows. Cesira recalled one of the band’s first gigs being played  “at a venue that would let 17 year olds be in it. I think it was at the Powerhouse, on like a Sunday afternoon. We look through photos of us in the first few years, and you’re like ‘Jesus! We’re like babies!’ Unearthed totally gave it to us, it was really where it all began for us, which was super cool. We rep Triple J in that way.”

While they’ve come a huge way since then, The Jungle Giants remain a Brisbane band at heart. They list The End Bar and The Triffid among their top Brisbane venues, as well as The Tivoli, where they will be performing twice in April.

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