The glamorous, and the ugly: a lonely dance floor with four lost souls. Don’ts for Dancers 2.0 is an engaging dance act that set in a very romantic dance club, a satiric recount of the misery on getting attention from social networking, and the waltz and mating ritual on the dance floor that express the dire desperation of looking for love. It was a dance club full of heartbreaks and desperation. Last night, I received an invitation to this vintage performance where all of us are members of this club – some audience members even get to tap a few steps with our performers.

Needless to say, the set design was the very first impression that made you believe you were brought back in time. The time-travel had brought me into this smoky, immersive place, as we audience could freely walk around the “dance floor”. As more people were entering, we all took seats at the little tables you would only find in dance floors from yesteryear. The set designer, Nerida Matthaei and the team had done excellently even to the tiniest detail: a dance card for each one of us.

Performed by Nerida Matthaei, Leah Shelton, Alex Baden Bryce and Lisa Fa’alafi, this “dance session” talks about the social pressure of pursuing love, the heartaches of being rejected, and all kinds of rules that you shouldn’t do when chasing after a girl (or a guy). It involves us audience from the very beginning of the pre-show as they walked past and greeted us as if we’re actually part of a dance club. These dancers have incorporated elegant ballet movements with extremely quirky chicken dancing and contemporary choreography. I found myself admiring the waltz that Alex was dancing at one moment, and another when I was laughing at his chicken dance, trying to flirt with Lisa who was reluctant to give in.

Don’ts for Dancers 2.0 is a night-out’s delight, bringing the absolute quirkiness and absurdity into the stage where everyone is invited to dance, discovering happiness during the process.