Hoo Ha Bar lies discretely along Tribune Street, just across the way from the South Bank busway, but offers a lot more than just a bar – with a cafe and superb menu to boot. Its very humble and simple exterior offers next to no clues as to what lies inside, lending to the well known adage of ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. Through the doors a completely different sight greets you, a light and airy space with plenty of tables and chairs to choose from. The bar stands out proudly, catching your eye with a stylish bare-brick back wall adorned by bottles and bottles of spirits and pieces of artwork here and there – neat and simple.

Brought to life by three good friends – Declan Law, Mike Slatter and Anthony Lindenmayer, who being friends for many a year share similar interests when it comes to food and drink. Coming to terms that there was nowhere nearby that satisfied these interests completely, the trio came together, quitting their jobs, giving life to Hoo Ha Bar. “We were simply aspiring to create a place we like, we wanted to keep everything simple,” Declan Law, co-owner, said. “We’re very happy with it.”

Abiding by the good honest attitude of using premium products, great customer service, and keeping the prices reasonable, Hoo Ha Bar welcomes all manner of people with a good dose of friendliness. With the promise of coffee, I took a perch at the bar, whilst casually chatting away to Declan. Ordering a long macchiato for something a little different, my senses were brought back to me with its rich aroma and strong caffeine hit. Crafted from Supreme Roasters’ Alpha Blend, a mix of three Arabica beans from Brazil, Costa Rica and Guatemala, bringing out fruity undertones with a lingering dark chocolate finish.

A superb coffee, quite fitting for such a superb place – well worth all the Hoo Ha (oh dear).