Three young leaders could never have predicted the relevance of this year’s school theme, given the evolving situation their community now faces. 

Somerville House Captain Kate Lockyer and Vice-Captains Alisia Aloisi and Madeleine (Maddie) Webber believe the 2020 Vision theme is not only a clever play on words, but also the perfect way to describe the message they had chosen for the year: the symbolic concept of ‘seeing’ the present, and ‘visualising’ the future. “This theme is about being grateful for all that we have in our surroundings, treasuring each day and appreciating the world that we live in, even when we face challenging situations,” Kate said.

The Captains decided to each select a keyword to help classmates embrace the 2020 Vision theme. Maddie chose limitless, “the idea of challenging students to be ambitious and motivated in every aspect of their lives”. Alisia said of her word, clear, “guiding our girls to establish defined goals that inspire them to push forward in 2020.” And finally, appreciate, speaks volumes to Kate. She wants to encourage students to realise how fortunate they are to be members of such a passionate and driven school community and to embrace the opportunities afforded to each girl.

“We would simply like to say thank you to the girls of Somerville House for their continued resilience and support of each other, sharing their voices and making a difference in the broader community,” they said.

No matter what lies ahead for the remainder of the year, Kate, Alisia and Maddie are as passionate as ever about immersing all Somerville House girls in school life, on or off campus, and applying 2020 Vision.

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