Recently this little blogger was lucky enough to spend a wonderful day in 4101 with her favourite people celebrating a birthday, visiting some of her favourite places in the place she lovingly calls ‘home.’

Below is an account of said wonderful day and the stops we made along the way…

0930 – My day began in my Highgate Hill apartment with my best girlfriends Sarah, Ash, and Nicole, sharing champagne before 10am – what better way to begin a birthday!

1000 – our first stop for the day is at the newly opened Depo (on Horan St). I have been dying to bring the girls here since I attended its Aperitivo launch a few weeks ago. They love it, as I knew they would. I eat the most delectable breakfast I have had in a while – crepes with real caramel sauce, butter and pear on the side – I am in food heaven!! After a lot of chitter chatter and a little bit of gossiping, the girls and I witness the table next to us (a few lads also celebrating a birthday) ordering glasses of sparkling. Next thing we know, it’s 1145am and we have four glasses of champagne to our names. A little bit giddy, we realise we’re going to be late for our 2nd stop for the day and off we rush off.

1230 – our second stop is at West End Look on Boundary St West End for manicures, the ladies here are absolutely lovely and don’t mind at all that we bring our champagne giggles in with us for an hour and a half. And just between you and me, a week later, my manicure is still perfect and without a chip in sight!

1400 – Now it’s 2pm and we’re all somehow a little peckish even after our very large, beautiful breakfast! So it’s off to Archive Beer Boutique we go for a little afternoon snack attack. Not without a glass of Rose of course … and so we order a trio of dips and bread and parmesan crumbed calamari which cures our munchies nicely.

1530 – and it’s home to ‘the Hill’ for a little rest and to prepare for the evening’s festivities

1830 – 630pm rolls around and after the most wonderfully fun day with my favourite girlfriends it’s time for pre-dinner cocktails at Sling Bar with some more of my favourite people! Sebastian, Dan and Ford join our crew as we find a lovely cosy spot in the corner outside by candlelight to enjoy some banter and some of the finest cocktails 4101 has to offer (in my humble opinion!) We all order Mojitos which are so refreshing and then I order my favourite Sling cocktail: The Chauvinist; a delicious concoction of White Rum, Amaretto, lime juice, lemon juice and pineapple juice.

2000: and it’s time for the main event! A delicious dinner (and a few more friends join us) at another local fave: Spaghetti House, we order a couple of bottles of wine (Sangiovese) and enjoy olives, zucchini flower for entrée and the most excellent array of pasta dishes imaginable.

2300 – We finish the evening with a final glass of Shiraz at The Loft and all of a sudden the clock ticks over to 12am and it’s time for this Cinderella to hang up her heels after a wonderful birthday. And I wouldn’t have spent it anywhere else. West End is where it’s at.

Thanks to all these great venues for having us and making my day!