To owner Ollie Ragoo, his coffeehouse, Nostalgia Haus, just felt it was meant to be – a natural progression. Following the relocation of Two Trees to South Brisbane, the small minimalist space was made available; open to a new beginning.

The humble Nostalgia Haus has been open for around five months now, with the takeover occurring almost as soon Two Trees left. Keeping with the same alfresco and laid back feel as its predecessor, you are made to feel very welcome with the fake lawn and upturned milk crates as for seats – leaving no room for pretensions. This sense of welcoming is benefitted by Ollie’s warmth and friendliness, who is always open for a chat.

Nestled along the quieter side of Vulture Street, there is little foot and road traffic, making for a welcome escape from all the noise. “I get people over specifically because it’s quiet,” 18-year-old Ollie explains. Acting more as a strength than a weakness, this sheltered nook has won over a fair share of regulars looking for that break. “I’ve got a fair bit of regulars,” Ollie adds, breaking into the stiff competition of other coffeehouses in West End.

While facing a lot of competition, Nostalgia Haus does have a couple of tricks up it’s sleeve, adding something a little different. The creative minded Ollie also has a limited edition Nostalgia Haus T-shirt range available, which he and a friend have designed – featuring minimalist designs printed on black or white shirts. There have also been comedy shows housed there, as well as small intimate gigs by local musicians, engaging with the local creative community.

The coffee stands up on its own too; made from a Colombian Reserve single-origin, it is fairly sweet, and extremely smooth, with very little bitterness – the ultimate date? I would have to say yes, and happily sit through another coffee date at Nostalgia Haus. My long macchiato went down extremely well. There are also a small selection of baked goods available to add to the fun of the company and coffee.

Nostalgia Haus is open Tuesday to Saturday 7AM – 3PM