With the hype of Oscars season now over, we can now return and reminisce on box-office hits of years past. Like the true, die hard fans they are, popular West End cocktail and whisky bar, Cobbler, have drawn upon the genius of Bruce Willis and his action hero alter ego in creating their new Autumn cocktail menu. Setting the tone for the themed cocktail list is the original 1988 cult classic, Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza.

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Those familiar with the film will appreciate the mixologists’ interpretations of popular characters such as John McClane (incarnated in a cocktail of Talisker 10 Smokey Whisky, delord fine armagnac, peppermint tea, rosemary syrup, and lavendar bitters with a twist of lemon) and Hans Gruber (a concoction of Monkey Shoulder Whisky, crème de Noyaux, cinnamon and caraway, red gum honey, and orange bitters). Of course, no Die Hard themed cocktail list would be complete without a reference to Willis’ most famous line from the movie. ‘Yippee Kiyay Motherf—-r’  manifests as a rum cocktail with Appleton VX, lemon juice, pineapple, rose and jasmine orgeat, and orange blossom water.

Also making its way onto the menu is a homemade Kombucha – a fermented, lightly effervescent sweetened black or green tea – and a couple of ‘corpse revivers’ in line with the seasonal change to Autumn. Hailing from the 1900s, this cognac or gin-based classic claims to have flu-fighting properties offering a ‘hair of the dog’ cure. Naturally, the new menu additions have also made the most of seasonal changes, using fresh produce akin to the cooler months.

Adding to the bar’s 400 plus strong whisky list, the new drinks menu is sure to appease the thirst of patrons in search of a hip watering hole this season. BYO food and friends, Cobbler is open 7 days a week until late.

Words by Kim Hellberg
Images by Nat Hoo, Table Brisbane