As a professional psychic I regularly am asked the question, what it is I feel people should be doing with their lives or what should be introduced to their life to make them happier?

When looking for new change or direction, the only person who can answer these questions of who will inspire you, motivate you, support you, keep you focused, someone who will love you, cherish you and make you happy is staring at you in the mirror.

Always remember you are always in control of your life and your decisions. If you are wanting new change in your life then my guidance is to take some time out to meditate and listen within. If you are new to meditation and find it difficult at first, then I suggest finding a quiet space where you will not be distracted, and write down a few personal questions that only you can answer.

Start with what do I want to achieve this year?
How am I going to achieve this?
Who am I as a person?
Do I like who I am? If not why not?
Ditch those I cants, dump those why me’s, drop those if only’s, then listen within.
Hear that?
It’s the voice of I can I will.

Go forth with that and continue to evolve with a positive and peaceful mind and continue to take control and grow. There is no better feeling than living a life of peace, love and positivity and knowing that you are in control of it. Become a pioneer of the future.

You are amazing, remember that.

Words by Ira Israel