Located in the Market Complex in central West End is the new and VERY good-looking beauty wonderland, The Loft Beauty & Spa.

The interior design at Loft blew me away – décor is unique and considered and oh so decadent (much like the treatments). Up a winding spiral staircase (a magnificent interior design element in itself) is where the magic happens.

Today, Karen is my beauty therapist and we begin with a hydrating facial peel. My skin has been suffering these last few weeks as Winter has reared it’s nasty head and I am concerned about dryness. Karen has the perfect recipe for me: peel, collagen eye mask and light therapy. Karen explains that this will remove dead skin cells (even more effectively than microdermabrasion) so that the surface of my skin is renewed and so that my skin care products will work most effectively.

I shut my eyes and a very bright red light warms my face – remarkably un-invasive, I am treated to a reflexology massage as the light therapy works away (so spoilt today!). Reflexology works on the notion that the feet represent a series of zones in the body and reflect an image of the body on the feet and hands with the premise that it affects a physical change in the body. One thing is for sure, I feel out-of-this-world fantastic after it.

After I am peeled, cleansed, moisturised and lit up to my little hearts content, it is time for even more pampering (I love my job!).

Karen hands me over to the lovely Mary-Clare who completely spoils me with a truly amazing relaxation massage; she just looks after me so well. Mary-Clare applies just the right amount of pressure and asks me exactly where I might be feeling sore or tense and is happy to help! It makes me feel like the experience is just that more tailored to ‘just’ me.

After I leave The Loft, arrive home and get to soak in the aftermath of my facial and relaxation – I am thrilled to see that my skin is instantly and visibly hydrated and glowing and I feel so chilled!

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If you want to find somewhere that goes the extra mile, that doesn’t feel like just another beauty salon and that will make you look and feel like a million dollars, this is your haven.

Thanks to the team for an amazing way to spend my Saturday afternoon.


Until next week beauty-lovers…

A xx

Images by Kymberley Rauber