Situated off Logan Road in the industrial heart of Woolloongabba is Brown Dog Cafe, oozing in charm and warmth.

Surrounded by large warehouses and antique centres, this little cafe has sat proudly amongst them for five years, although breaks away from the industrial melancholy with an injection of artwork adorning the outer walls.

This artwork carries through to the inside, with bright and bold pop-culture pieces gracing the walls.

Brown Dog Cafe makes effective use of its small floor space, cramming a number of large tables inside, promoting a communal feeling.

Owner and barista, Christian Maltby, takes great pride in this communal feel.

“It’s a nice little community spot,” Christian said.

“Knowing the regular customers and their coffee orders is great.”

Regulars are greeted heartily as they page through the day’s news or catch up with friends over a coffee and bite to eat.

Being rather busy, the sounds of beans being ground, milk being steamed and coffees brewed ricochet about the place, as Christian goes about his work like a swashbuckler.

He hastily goes about crafting my long black, made from Espresso Bennafredi’s Classico blend, who have just celebrated their 10th anniversary of that particular blend.

Quite obviously popular, the Classico blend makes for a chocolatey hit, breaking away into berry aftertaste.

So, if ever you find yourself in Woolloongabba, why not pay the friendly folk at the Brown Dog a visit?

They’ll be more than happy to see you, like a loyal dog.