This week my 4101 adventures took me to France and back.

My journey from Australian girl next door to something that was a little ‘ooh la la’ began at Corcorz hair studio in South Bank where I was styled and made-up by some of the best in the biz – Carole, Owner and Head Hairdresser of Corcorz Hair and Makeup/Spfx Artist Jacqui Priem.

The evening was Thursday, 28th February and the occasion was the 2013 media launch of the Alliance French Film Festival and so the theme that evening was ‘French Glamour’.

I arrive at Corcorz studio that afternoon a little apprehensive but also a little excited for what my journey to France will be like.

My make up artist arrives first and we discuss possible looks for the evening – red lip? ‘Well, isn’t that a given’ we both say! But maybe the obvious may be a little redundant. A little uninspired, we discuss with Carole, hairstylist extraordinaire, and we are certainly going for something ‘inspired’ this evening.

So I surrender my locks and my face and off we go …

As I sit there with Jacqui working on my makeup, I cannot see my face or what is happening to it … which is probably a good thing … but I feel like I am in good hands and let her just do her thing.

Carole asks me if I have ever worn my hair in a bob, I reply, ‘no’ suddenly fearful of a (so far) invisible pair of scissors that may soon be finding their way to my mane. But I needn’t have feared because Carole is just THAT good that she finds a way to give me a bob without any shearing required.

Carole works on me quickly, with finesse and with a confidence that makes me feel completely confident in her right back.

A few hours later, I emerge not quite feeling like myself, but feeling just a little bit like a character straight out a Parisian film!

I feel like I should (very quickly) find a glass of beautiful French wine and an amazing French cheese plate and some fellow Francophiles to talk very French things like art and culture and beautiful food with. My French character that evening wants to put her part into action! Amazing how in a whirlwind of hairspray and fake lashes, I now feel like someone else … and a little bit like a French princess.

I arrive at the launch for the festival and am greeted with a few inquisitive looks (this is what we were aiming for) and I am simultaneously engulfed in sounds of French tongue dancing from one person to the next. And for a second I feel like I’m not quite in Brisbane anymore … maybe if I click my heels together three times … I can channel a little bit of Dorothy and choose to stay in my French dream a little longer?

I am lucky enough to get my wish for a few hours.

That evening, the other guests and I are treated to an advanced screening of one of the films showing at this year’s Alliance French Film Festival, In The House. The film is completely charming, quirky and surprising, and I am captivated from start to finish.

With the end of the film, my little French adventure also looks like it’s come to an end … But I realise that when I arrive home that I still feel a little bit like a French princess and maybe if I click my heels together three times …


*My French dream lasts until I wake up the next morning, when I go back to being Allie, girl next door… happy to have danced in the land of Francaise for short time and for what was a very magical evening.

* The Alliance French Film Festival opens in Brisbane on Thursday 14th of March and runs until April 4th at Palace Centro Cinema, James Street, Fortitude Valley.