This week I stumbled across somewhere a little unusual, although that isn’t to say it doesn’t work – because it does. Tucked well within the industrial precinct of West End, along Kurilpa Street, resides XS Cafe, or Extreme Shot Cafe. A humble little cafe, doing the best it can.

Having been open for around half a year, XS Cafe is partnered with a gym and a car wash, which is why it is so unusual. But in saying that, it seems to work really well. You can get your car cleaned, go to the gym and refresh yourself with a fresh coffee – all at the same, one convenient stop.

Starting out with just the gym, the car wash and cafe were added to the business at around the same time as each other. Seemingly ever expanding, XS Cafe has embraced these changes, and continues to evolve. On top of that, the team behind XS Cafe are also experimenting with a new tea range from T2, which they will serve in re-usable glass jars in the near future.

Speaking to the bubbly manager and barista of the cafe, Courtney Warner, she seemed quite proud of the fact that they do not charge extra for those with allergies and need soy or lactose-free milk. “You shouldn’t single those people out – we suit what people want,” Courtney explained. The coffee itself is made from a Merlot blend, making a good, re-energising cup of coffee.

Although the cafe may not look like much on the outside, the heart and service on the inside that shine brightly. “It’s on the inside that matters,” Courtney, with a great smile, said. A regular from one of the nearby businesses, Jamie Powter, agreed with her. “Don’t let the surroundings fool you,” he warned. While the surrounds may be a little unsightly, the outdoor seating area, made of recycled pallets, can take you may from the industrial precinct – making for a peaceful environment.

XS Cafe is open Monday to Friday 7:00am-3:00pm. (They are experimenting with opening on weekends.)

P.S. If you book a car wash, you get a free coffee. To book call 0401 181 656