We all love feeling like we belong somewhere, whether it is with our friends, family or at work. We as humans are conditioned to crave connection with others. Unfortunately, some people from minority groups or people with mental health issues struggle to connect with others, which can lead to exclusion and isolation. But there is always a place for them at the not-for-profit organisation – A Place To Belong.

It is easy to miss as it just looks like your average house, but A Place To Belong is doing illustrious things for the 4101 communities by helping and offering a sense of inclusion for one person at time. A Place To Belong is located in a small office at a community house on 69 Thomas Street, West End. As you walk past, it just looks like your average house, but so much is happening there.

A Place To Belong has a range of programs and activities to help people out. One of their main ones is a weekly reading and writing group that helps people with learning disabilities to develop their literacy, numeracy and computer skills as they do not have access to mainstream educational resources. This increases the students’ participation in society to give them a sense of belonging. A couple of the students have even published a short story eBook online.

A Place To Belong has an array of other support groups such as women’s mental health group, carers’ support group, story sharing groups and so on. They also have a community connection program, where a worker befriends an isolated person of society and gives them a sense of belonging by helping them with errands or something as simple as taking them out for a coffee. Majority of the help comes from people who volunteer their time and energy into making things happen at A Place To Belong.

I believe there needs to be more organisations like this around as there are so many isolated and lonely people without relationships or support from other people. A Place To Belong is a breath of fresh air flowing through the West End community bringing people closer.

If you want to get involved and volunteer or find out more about A Place To Belong the contact details are below.

Website httpaplacetobelong.org.au
E-mail info@aplacetobelong.org.au
Telephone (07) 3217 2522

Photo by A Place To Belong