On a Wednesday evening not very long ago, I had the pleasure of attending a very cool warehouse wine tasting in West End.  The (almost underground-feeling) tasting took place in the Kennard’s Self Storage warehouse on Bank Street.

When Nic and I arrive tonight, we question whether we are in the right place! But once inside, it all makes sense …

The evening’s tasting followed the judging of the Best Wines in Queensland and Nic and I, and many other lucky wine lovers, were treated to their leftovers! (Yes, it’s a tough life … )

But the way this tasting is set to run tonight is a little different to those I have attended before – the tables are divided into wine types (Pinot, Chardonnay etc) and it is ‘help yourself.’ So we grab a glass each and off we go! Accompanying the wine on each table is a delicious variety of cheeses, which, we happily sample along with our wine (at each table!)

The first wine I taste is K1 Geoff Hardy Arneis (2011) and this is a delight; second we try the Harrington Glen Verdelho (2011) which is rich and delicious, followed by the sparkling Eloise 2011 – sweet and light.

Before we know it, the warehouse is flooded with people and Nic and I are struggling for room to move! It feels like this could turn into a real party, (however, the one thing missing is a little bit of music to add to this building play-time atmosphere).

As we wind our way down the twists and turns of the warehouse, we look up and soon learn that above our heads and up a case of winding stairs, there is a huge wine cellar (and now the venue makes perfect sense!)

On our way out, I search out tonight’s organiser, the lovely Peter Simic and chat to him about how the evening came about. He tells me ‘a bunch of wine judges got together today to taste and judge the top five wines in Queensland, what you have here tonight, is the leftovers!’

I ask him which wine was the winner and he answers: ‘there is no one winner, all are favourites!’  (I think Peter is very diplomatic for a judge!) He then goes on to ask us what wine we are most fond of, we answer Pinot and off he goes to find us a glass of a scrumptious New Zealand Pinot to see us out.

And on yet another seemingly normal mid-week evening, I add tonight to the ever-growing list of Reasons Why I Love West End.

And again, I look forward to telling you about my adventures in a week’s time…

Until then, have a great week 4101ers!