Hello lovelies! Well I’ve promised you glitz and I’ve promised you glamour – hoping my wrap up of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival makes you feel just like you were there… and if you were… I hope you enjoy reliving it once again.

I was lucky enough again this year to be able to don three beautiful outfits – two available from 360 Degrees West End and one custom made gem by ‘I am V’. I was uber impressed by this year’s talent – the models were pros and the fashions were STUNNING. But enough gushing, let’s get down to it…

 West End Magazine fashion blogger Allie Gilfedder

Tuesday 26 August; Monili Jeweller’s Bridal Group Show

Featuring designers: Brides Desire by Wendy Sullivan, Bertossi Brides, George Wu, Rayner Lee, Darb Bridal Couture and Jack Sullivan Bridal.

What I wore: Dress by I Am V, Shoes by Ninewest + jewels by Colette Hayman, Mimco and Pandora

Monili Jewelers Bridal Group Show finale @ MBFF 2014

Tonight is my first night at MBFF and I am lucky enough to be seated in the front row. I see many a red lip on the faces of fashionistas of all ages. Models serving San Pellegrino make their way through the crowd draped in tangerine maxi dresses; the male waiters are all class in nautical stripes. Perfect scene setters…

And now for… The show: 

Designer Wendy Sullivan @MBFF 2014

First cab of the rank tonight in the Monili Jeweller’s Bridal Group show is our very own West End Bridal Queen, Wendy Sullivan. If I had to describe Wendy’s collection in a word it would be; elegant. Wendy’s designs are the kind of dresses that stand the test of time and will be ‘in’ fashion for years and years to come. They are classically beautiful and traditional without being too ‘safe’. This year, she treats us to sweetheart necklines, intricate beading with a mixture of traditional white, ivory, pink ivory and even some silver hues. Bodices are usually embellished and are a work of art in themselves. Skirts fishtail and trains fall gracefully. Lace is also present in Wendy’s offerings this year. Some have full skirts while others fall against the skin. Stunning.

Bertossi Brides designs on display @ MBFF 2014

Bertossi Brides are up next and show us the first real princess dress of the evening. The kind you might see in a fairytale … Silhouettes are feminine and often traditional but there is one pink floral gown in this collection that really stands out in the sea of white tonight. Bodices shape the waist and again, lace is employed and adds a sensuality.

Darb Bridal Couture designer @ MBFF 2014

Darb Bridal Couture is up next and boy don’t we know it! There is a reason this iconic brand has made such a name for itself in the Brisbane bridal scene. The first gown is a knockout with layers upon layers of organza making up its skirt. This collection certainly has the ‘wow’ factor. Dresses are extravagant and daring with many layers used in the construction of each garment. Many a full skirt and a mix of whites – from classic white to yellow white. There is a change of pace half way through when the full skirt gives way more figure hugging gowns with oodles of beading.

Designer, Rayner Lee showcased her designs @ MBFF 2014

Rayner Lee changes things up with a round of short wedding dresses some white ivory and some pink ivory. There are a few long dresses in this collection though and one in particular with long sleeve lace arms really catches my eye – I’ve always found long sleeves and lace to be such an elegant and stunning look in bridal wear. The fishtail is back in this collection and I adore the shape it gives to the models – so feminine and striking.


George Wu is my favourite collection of the night – his first piece is nothing short of incredible – stylistically brilliant and almost single handily challenging the ideals of typical bridal wear. I love this. Wu’s embellishment is prominent and unique, floral is big for Wu tonight as is the use of sheer overlay which I absolutely adore presently. The women beside me gasp and ooh and ah and I’m fairly sure I do the same throughout. This is a very contemporary and trendy collection – one that pushes boundaries and leaves the audience wanting more…


Jack Sullivan (our very own West End claim to fame) finishes tonight’s show and does so with grace and class. Organza. Beading. Trains. These are the features of Jack’s gowns and these are the elements that make up the incredible beauty that exists in each one of his gowns. Lines are elegant and silhouettes are traditional and feminine. I think this collection is braver than his last and I congratulate him on this – you can see the evolution in his work and I felt a sense of pride watching this collection come to life on the runway. Shades of white are again varied – the full skirt is more often employed in Jack’s designs and there are many layers to his gowns – there is one particular princess-esque layered gown that steals the show and again has us all looking adoringly at the craftsmanship before us. Amazing work.

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Wednesday 27 August; Group show

Featuring designers: White Label Noba, Lisa Brown, Molly & Polly Swimwear, Aqua Blu swimwear, Heaven Swimwear, the 400 Co. and Sacha Drake

What I wore: Dress from 360 Degrees, West End + shoes by Sachi + jewels by Mimco, Colette Hayman and Pandora

The show: The auditorium at City Hall is completely packed tonight when I arrive for the second show of the evening at 8pm. Tonight I’m front and centre and am lucky enough to score a quick peck on the cheek and a hello from Mr Jack Sullivan Bridal wear designer extraordinaire himself *chuffed*.


White Label Noba opens the group show tonight in big pink spots and sheer overlay. This collection is a little different from anything I’ve seen at MBFF before and I find it quite intriguing. Fabrics are loose fitting and remind me of weeks at the beach. There is nothing pretentious about White Label Noba and I love it. Designs quickly change from single colour pieces to patterned brilliance- black and white change to florals in colours of tangerine, pink and green. And suddenly we’ve gone from the local beach… to St. Barts… and I’m itching to go on holiday. A great, eclectic offering from WLN that I loved more with each piece.


Lisa Brown appears to go in a different direction this year – her femininity is still firmly in tact but something’s different…. She’s braver. A lot of tribal colours and patterns are present in this collection and I’m thrilled to see the jumpsuit is here to stay, as are maxi dresses. Many of Brown’s designs this season are 60s inspired – with the lines she has created mirroring fashions of yesteryear. Every single piece looks comfortable and is approachable for the modern woman – there are casual items and more dressy pieces – a collection where many pieces can go from day to night.


Molly and Polly Swimwear is up next and makes me want to eat ice-cream by the pool with my girlfriends and gossip the day away. This label is completely unique, always exciting and super girly – so I love it. Rainbow paddle pop colours and sheen fabric appeal to the girly girl in all of us. I love the use of the high waisted bottom and can only hope this look is here to stay for many a season to come – scalloped tops are also an extremely feminine touch. There is a great mix of one and two pieces and all with striking imagery and pops of colour.


Aqua Blu Swimwear provides a sophisticated change of place. We’re back to monochrome and the crop top with AB – another combo that really floats my boat. This is very elegant swimwear with styles any woman can wear with confidence. My favourite piece is a black long sleeve embellished two piece that I am absolutely coveting my Christmas in Fiji trip in a few months’ time… A mix of floral prints and bright single-colour one-pieces close this collection and I’d go so far as to say it is some of the most exciting swimwear design I’ve seen.

Heaven Swimwear

Heaven Swimwear showcases the first animal print of the evening and I’m thrilled to see it. Most of this collection follows monochrome tones but changes up the style with each piece  – some are classic two-cut bikini, some are two piece with a cropped top some are one piece – most are patterned and follow a black and white tribal theme – a solid collection.


400 co. designer Laura Chong debuts her very first collection tonight and I am beyond impressed by what I see and make a mental shopping list in my head while this show is on. The theme for this collection is Queen of the Urban Jungle – Laura’s label sets out to challenge the norm of corporate dressing and provide something a little more daring for the working woman of Brisbane and boy oh boy do I love it! Pieces of black leather trim juxtapose with floral print and prove to be a winning combination – again we’re seeing a take on traditional patterns that are certainly a little more ‘wild’. We still see classic black and white pieces but it is the lines they cut and the silhouettes they form that make these items stand out. There is also a classic a navy and white number that sports a feather trim on its skirt. A tangerine pencil skirt slices through convention and a wet-look gold suit closes the show. This gal is going places…


Sacha Drake closing the show tonight and does so with finesse. Sacha’s Designs have always been flirty, fun and feminine and catered to any body shape. But tonight, I feel like she’s gone the extra mile – it’s all a little bit more daring – monochrome prints replace pinks and two pieces replace the full skirts and dresses of her previous collections.  It’s all a little 60s inspired and pretty damn chic. We still see the Sacha we know and love – there are still floral prints and silky fabrics but I feel like she’s evolving now and being a little more modern and a little more cheeky… and I like it.

Keep an eye out for my blog next week as I bring you one more MBFF show!

Happy Spring fellow fasionistas…  the fun is only just beginning


Xx A

Images by Rosemary van de Linde