It’s so easy to find (and thus get a little stuck) liking ,or loving, one singular place in 4101 that seems to satisfy all your food and particular favourite coffee-blend desires.

Trouble is, we’re rather spoilt for choice around here now aren’t we.

So when I was given the opportunity to leave my much-loved Saturday spot recently and try a new café in West End, it was met with emotions of apprehension and, (don’t tell anyone), a little bit of excitement… Normally I don’t do so well with change…

So it’s 1030am, and it’s a gorgeous Brisbane Winter’s day and this young lady just happens to find herself on Russell Street at a quaint little spot called Wrapture.

Wrapture is what I would like to call quintessentially ‘West End’, which of course, is only meant in a complimentary vein.  It blends nature, spirituality, good vibes and good people. It’s enclosed in greenery and under the branches that form their own pseudo roof, I feel quite comfortable.

Once inside, I am greeted with smells of incense burning, little Buddha statues grinning and the sounds of a rainforest far away emit softly from the speakers.

I reach the counter and meet Alec, the owner of Wrapture and I ask him if there is anything in particular I should try today – any specials, perhaps? He replies: ‘do what you feel, just go with whatever you feel. But we are famous for our wraps,’ he adds.

Turns out, I’m feeling the wraps.

So I order a Napoleon wrap and I grab my fellow my partner in wraps today a BLT wrap. And once I taste, I get it. I get the name, I get it all. I am surrendered to The Wrap. The Napoleon is full of haloumi and other such great things, (fig jam being one other amazing ingredient); I’m won over, completely. My coffee (Five Star blend) is also lovely and hot.

Then something very exciting happens… Alec brings me my very first ever pot of Chai Tea. Yep, in my 20-something-years I have never yet had the pleasure… I have now, and I’m a convert.

Apart from being extremely yummy there is one big thing I really do love about Wrapture. I love that in a world where so many establishments are trying oh-so-hard to be ‘trendy’, Wrapture is in its own league, really. It doesn’t apologise for who it is (in fact, it seems to have a healthy amount a self-esteem) and knows how to hold its own among the array of cafés this precinct provides. And I like it, for just the way it is.

And I’m glad I could visit. Because by the time I leave, I feel all wrapped up in Wrapture’s very unique cocoon of love… and it was worth stepping out on my regular, perhaps just this once….

And that, ladies and gentleman, is a wrap.

Until next week…

x Allie