Last Friday night I was privileged to attend Being the change: Inside Fashion Revolution – an Ethical Fashion Show evening at UQ. The event was proudly hosted and sponsored by Oxfam UQ and Sinerji Organic Clothing.

This event, running off the back of Fashion Revolution Day on April 24, encouraged all attendees – and a wider audience found on social media around the globe, to ask the question, ‘where do our clothes come from?’

Fashion Revolution Day is a worldwide movement demanding fair treatment for all garment workers.

Attendees were treated to a stimulating evening of conversation – encouraging all to be conscious and aware of where clothing actually comes from and to look to eco brands that support better, safe and just conditions for garment workers around the globe.

Alice from Sinergi Organic Clothing spent eight years working for a high-end fashion brand before she started asking questions about where the items were made and about the hugely inflated price on finished pieces verses the known cost price of materials.

“I have seen first-hand the effect that fashion production can have on peoples’ lives; both the positive and the detrimental.  The ethical fashion world is an exciting, positive and energised place to be and I want to get the message out there that as conscious consumers we can make a huge difference to the lives of the people who make our clothes,” she said. 

A number of eco brands (including Sinerji Organic Clothing) adorned the models at the Ethical Fashion Show evening and there were a number of trendy items that caught my eye. 

 The West End Magazine

Suffice to say, the evening certainly got me thinking about the sub-standard conditions that so many garment workers across the world are facing every day. We live in such an affluent society and I think reminders like the ethical fashion evening are so important to ensure we think about where products come from and the circumstances in which they are created.

Congratulations to all involved in this very important event.

A xx