When Gerard Butler teams up with Morgan Freeman, you know an action packed, assassination blockbuster is about to explode. Angel Has Fallen, opening in theatres on August 22, is the latest movie to entertain viewers with political intrigue and drama straight from the fictional back alley of The White House.

Gerard Butler stars as Mike Banner, a secret service agent who is expelled from the ranks when he is framed for the assassination of the President of The United States Allan Trumbell, portrayed by Morgan Freeman. Banner must escape the pursuits of his own agency and the FBI as well as the true assassination threat.

Angel Has Fallen is directed by Ric Roman Waugh, a man with a penchant for action movies. Having previously directed Felon (2008), Snitch (2013), and Shot Caller (2017), Waugh is experienced and skilled in the art of explosions, gunfire and dramatic leaps from high above a watching city crowd. Production of the movie was delayed for three months to allow Gerard Butler to recover from a motorcycle accident.  He states that the film will be dark and character driven.

The movie is the third in the Olympus Has Fallen trilogy. Morgan Freeman replaces Aaron Eckhart , the former President, despite his smaller role in the first two movies. This change of actor is explained in the movie as Morgan Freeman taking over the presidential role that he had coveted for years.

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