West End is growing and developing like many inner-city suburbs, and change is inevitable.

But projects like House Conspiracy, a venue hire space for the arts, show that development not only exists in buildings growing upwards, but in spaces growing creatively, and Brisbane’s own artistic community is expanding with them. As co-founder Jonathan O’Brien says, West End has an “essence of spontaneity lingering in the air”.

House Conspiracy is the embodiment of the hopes and dreams of a few individuals ¬ Jonathon O’Brien, Cinnamon Smith, Lewis Holmes, and Elizabeth Cowie ¬ who were inspired by the talent and potential of homegrown artists in Brisbane. Jonathan says, “The space chose us ¬ 42 Mollison Street existed before House Conspiracy did, and we took the opportunity to fill it when it presented itself.” So, what exactly did they fill the space with? Something uniquely collaborative in the heart of West End that will keep the life beating through the creative community here: whether painters, actors, writers, sculptors or street-artists ¬ you name it!

Artists, producers and creatives across Brisbane all helped the team with their dream. And, like the rooms in House Conspiracy, the idea was constantly changing and developing before it came to be what it is today: a contemporary arts and community space for residencies, events and private use. “It relies entirely on community and philanthropic support,” Jonathan explains. He could not be happier with the backing it has received so far.

Like its beginnings, House Conspiracy is continually shifting, changing, expanding. The fluidity of its spaces, where new artists occupy the rooms every three weeks, means that it is never the same ¬ much like the diversity in 4101 itself. And the best thing about it? All the artists are Brisbane based, but from an array of countries, backgrounds and ethnicities. The team aims to curate each residency round so that it is full of artists from different backgrounds and practices; they want to change the segregated way the art world operates in Brisbane. House Conspiracy brings a diversity of artists together, which is great for audiences too. “People are exposed to art they would never seek out on their own,” says Cinnamon, who is excited about the “cross-pollination of mediums”.

The general public is not excluded from the creative community at House Conspiracy. Even if you do not have an artistic bone in your body, its doors are open to you on the last Friday of the artists’ stay (so, every third week) for a free group showcase. Alternatively, the public can book the yard or gallery if they would like to utilise what House Conspiracy has to offer and get creative! Or, on Mondays, they can mingle with other artists and get a taste of West End creative culture.

Jonathan says, “What makes West End so damn good is that spaces, people and opportunities pop up, or are found, and things just happen here, and these things bring ideas with them.” House Conspiracy truly is unique to West End and represents the eclectic, diverse suburb that is the creative heartbeat of Brisbane city.