Looking to Road trip around Australia without breaking the bank? Australia Free 3 comes as the perfect guidebook for those with a need for travel without the coin to back it up. Within these pages holds all the need-to-know tips and tricks for the perfect Aussie road trip with hundreds of free activities, museums, lookouts and parks to explore plus more than 1500 of the best free roadside rest areas and camping spots.

This book is the result of 7 years of independent travel and research by author Mike Koch, and is the latest edition of Australia’s best guide on fun travel in Australia on a budget. Koch’s eyes focus on the road less travelled, pinpointing areas in Australia that have not been formally or extensively documented in guide books. Years of travel, meticulous research and photographs led Koch to create the ultimate guidebook for exploring Australia on a budget after years in the tourism and travel industry. ““I kept hearing the same story – Australia is expensive to travel. What is there to see and do that is free? That’s when the idea for Australia Free was first implanted,” said Koch.

Featuring an easy to use layout Australia Free 3 focusses on easing the stress of travel by removing the need to collect hundreds of brochures and hours of research; travellers can simply refer to the map and see all of the listed free activities within the area. Whether it be young families, older retirees or backpackers, Australia Free 3 focuses on sharing all that Australia has to offer without breaking a limited budget. The Australia Free app can now be found on iTunes App Store or Google Play and the hard-cover copy can be found at all good bookstores.

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