Lumber Punks is joining forces with REDSIX to coordinate fundraisers across all three of their axe-throwing venues, Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Perth. On the 10th November, all the proceeds made from the 11am session fees for Lumber Punks infamous urban axe-throwing games will be donated to REDSIX, a non-profit organisation that endeavors to lower the increasing rates of suicide in the veteran community. There will also be fun prizes that can be won by participants of the 11am session.

Having already had success with fundraising for the National Breast Cancer Foundation last year, and Moving For Max earlier this year, the Punks are ready to do it all again for REDSIX. REDSIX  is bringing veterans together in a safe space on the REDSIX app. Upon registration, each member is asked to select 3 “Battle Buddies” as their emergency contacts. Members are also able to connect with other veterans nearby. They’re encouraged to set a mood that reflects their day by using colour-coded thumb icons, which is visible on their profiles for their friends to see.

By providing members with information about veterans, and creating a platform of communication, REDSIX has created a community space where anyone can have a conversation about dealing with injuries or illnesses sustained while serving. The aim of the day is to help raise much needed funds for REDSIX so that they can continue the great work that they are doing to help the Veteran Community and beyond. It doesn’t matter where you served, Army, Navy, or Air Force… Veterans and their families are on the same team when it comes to supporting those in need.