Young Queenslanders are calling for justice centred solutions to the climate and COVID crises.

The Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) gathered at historical Speakers Corner in Brisbane to call on the Queensland Government to centre justice in its climate policies on the last sitting day of 2020.

“We took action today to send a message to the Queensland Government: we need justice centred solutions to the climate and COVID-19 crises,” said Monique Jeffs, AYCC Community Organiser. “Joined by Greens MP for South Brisbane, Amy MacMahon, and Brisbane community members we were at Parliament today to amplify the voices of thousands of young Queenslanders calling for climate justice.

“The climate crisis is unjust. It affects everyone but not equally. It is often the most marginalised in our societies who are hit first and worst by climate impacts and carry the burden of polluting industries. “We’re calling on the Queensland Government to put communities first, to listen to the voices of First Nations leaders, and ensure a just transition for all fossil fuel industry workers and their communities with equal pay opportunities in alternative clean jobs. “This budget week, the government predicted Queensland’s unemployment rate will reach 7.5 per cent in 2021. Our government needs to do better to ensure every Queenslander who wants a job has a job – and they can tackle the climate crisis in the process.

“Both major parties continue to take donations from the fossil fuel industry and are expanding coal mine and gas wells, locking in catastrophic climate emissions for decades to come. The government
needs to ensure big banks and large corporations pay their fair share of taxes, not enjoy tax breaks while everyday Queenslanders suffer. “Burning coal and gas is the number one driver of climate change and Queensland remains heavily invested in those industries.

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