Bacchus Restaurant has released its autumn a la carte menu with Head Chef Massimo Speroni adding a new crocodile dish to his signature list.

The crocodile is served with red cabbage puree, toasted macadamia nuts, macadamia nut cream and black sesame seeds, with Chef Speroni spending countless hours curating the dish. “My team and I have invested many, many hours creating this dish and to now be able to serve it to Bacchus diners is a real thrill for us. We are committed to creating dishes of flavour here at Bacchus and the crocodile certainly stands out,” he said. “We source the crocodile from the Northern Australia, and the meat is rolled and cooked sous vide which gives it an incredible consistency and flavour.”

Another new item on the autumn menu is the rustic mushroom dish, packing a flavour punch. Speroni has called on his Italian culinary origins with this dish, using bottoni pasta (button pasta) filled with mushroom and smoked buffalo mozzarella and burrata sourced from La Stella Latticini. “The bottoni are served with a mix of mushrooms including oysters, shitake, wood ear and enoki as well as mushroom puree and marjoram. We finish the dish with a mushroom broth and red elk. It’s pretty amazing, try tasting this and not looking for an open fire and a glass of red wine.”

Two new standouts lead menu, the quail (whole, deboned) served with pumpkin, mixed seeds and sage; kangaroo (strip loin) served with lemon potato, kale and fresh horseradish; Champagne lobster in chardonnay sauce, and lamb (backstrap) served with savoy cabbage, black garlic, leek and pickled mushrooms. A standout in the beef menu is the relatively rare cut, the hanging tender dish served with camel cheese and smoked eggplant, among others. A perennial favourite, the beetroot dish has been tweaked by Speroni and now features goats curd and crispy amaranth. The dessert menu includes dishes in pear, lemon, chocolate and herb sorbet, however the dish named Coconut on the Beach is a standout, featuring cheesecake, lime and butterscotch and plating that transports foodies directly to the Queensland coast.

Bacchus housed in Rydges South Bank.

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