Dancers Vanessa Morelli and Alexander Idaszak met when they were accepted into the Queensland Ballet Company in 2013. The rising stars never imagined they would find more than a love of dance in the West End rehearsal studio.

Both began their dancing careers young, with Vanessa starting ballet at four years old and Alexander beginning jazz, tap and ballet at the age of three.

“I always knew that ballet was what I wanted to do professionally, even from a young age,” said Vanessa.

“I used to swim at a squad level too when I was younger, then it was the choice between ballet or swimming as swimming would build up my shoulders and upper body which is not ideal for a dancer. At around 12 years old, I became very serious about my passion and how I would pursue it.”

Alexander experienced a similar crossroads in his own life where he had to choose between ballet and Australian Football League (AFL).

“I have always appreciated ballet as an artform and knew that’s what I wanted to do. At about 16, I was accepted into The McDonald College Performing Arts School in North Strathfield in Sydney. That’s when ballet was my main focus and I knew from then on I wanted to make a career out of ballet,” said Alexander.

Vanessa and Alexander now live together, coupled up in a West End apartment a short stroll from their rehearsal studio. Both claim to have never imagined dating another ballet dancer, with the thought of mixing work with personal lives too difficult. But a quick friendship formed between the two, and the couple soon realising there was something more. Now, they are definitely glad to have each other.“It’s about having someone who knows what you have been through on a daily basis, and having someone you can talk to about absolutely anything, whether it be about technical steps in ballet, and how you can improve them, or sometimes Vanessa has been trialling some new pointe shoes and she will pop them on and ask for my opinion on whether her foot looks flattering in them.

We rely a lot on feedback from each other and that helps us both grow,” Alexander said.

Since moving to Brisbane, Alexander and Vanessa have found a home, both with each other and in the Queensland Ballet Company.

“The company is a really lovely environment to work in. All of the dancers are extremely close, so it’s always very supportive and friendly in the studios,” said Vanessa.

Not only do they love Brisbane, they love West End.

“It’s fantastic. I find West End to be such a creative suburb to live in. The creative communities are bountiful in West End; there is just so much on offer. I’ve been to a painting class, and next on my list is a pottery class,” Vanessa said.

Quirky West End inspires the duo daily; the twosome only hope they can repay that creative energy through their dance.

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