Montague Road’s Ballistic Beer Co has released new beer Sleep When You’re Dead, featuring in the brewery for a limited eight week series.

This New England IPA (India Pale Ale, a hoppy beer style for those not in the know) should be drunk fresh, reflective in the name. Available for just eight weeks from the packaging date, this batch will be removed from sale on Tuesday 19 March.

Ballistic Beer Co Head Brewer Lacky Crothers said the last batch of this New England IPA sold out in record time. “We thought we would brew it again as it’s one of our most requested beers,” said Lacy. “We have tweaked the hop bill a little but it’s still the juicy, hopped filled beer it was last time, if anything it’s a little juicier with an even smoother slight bitterness that makes the NEIPA style so popular.”

Ballistic Beer Co is located at 1/208 Montague Road in West End.

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