Beginning Boutique founder Sarah Timmerman met with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and a selected panel on Friday, June 3 to discuss ideas for the government’s $1.1 billion innovation plan for 2016 and 2017. Start-up company workspace River City Labs hosted the event, as well as a meet and greet with a variety of businesses that are helping to pave a bright future for Australia.

Now entering her ninth year as an entrepreneur in digital e-commerce, Miss Timmerman spoke to Prime Minister Turnbull regarding the convergence of technology and fashion. She drew on and shared the experiences behind her own business and how the company challenged everyday norms. Mr Turnbull said he believed start-up companies could play a large part for Australia in the near future. “I’m pumped up because what you’re doing is driving our economic future,” said Mr Turnbull. ” You are proving above else, the imagination, the idea, the dream and the courage to make ideas happen.”

Thirty years ago Mr Turnbull and his wife Lucy were in the same position as many first time entrepreneurs. It is for that reason that they chose to announce a $15 million boost for start-up businesses to assist them in getting a foot off the ground and in the door when starting out. The Ideas Boom will see a growth in Australian innovators taking creative risks and the further encouragement of women choosing to get involved in technology-related start-ups, which will play a vital part in the nation’s future.

The National Innovation and Science Agenda has been set to take place over the course of four years and aims to promote business-based research, development and technology. An estimated $127 million Government grant will be implemented to strengthen university research sectors and ties to industry, enabling students to challenge the norms, generate ideas and execute plans for Australia’s future in business.

By Emerald Garcia-Finnis
Image supplied by Beginning Boutique