Hit105’s Abby Coleman has never, ever had short hair. She has never even had a bob-cut. Not even thought about it, in fact, she has anxiety about having a trim. But all that is about to change because this year she has signed up to The World’s Greatest Shave.

She is going to part with her beloved locks – all because of a little girl from Boonah. “I love my hair! I’ll modestly say I’ve never had a bad hair day, so shaving my head is a huge, huge deal for me,” said Abby. “But my hair will grow back, lives can’t be replaced and that’s why I’m up for it. That, and because of a very special little girl I met six years ago called Bridget. I met Bridget during the then B105 Christmas Appeal, when she was battling an aggressive form of leukaemia. Her fight and the brave face her parents had to put on throughout it hit home for me.”

Abby tells how Bridget fought the cancer, but it unfortunately returned a few years later. “I visited Bridget at the Leukemia Foundation‘s apartments where her family was staying (she’s from Boonah, about an hour west of Brisbane) while she was undergoing treatment and it wasn’t hard to see the financial strain the family was facing. I got into the lift in tears after promising Bridget I would fight with and for her, and that one day I would pay it back and shave my head to raise as much money as possible. That day has come.”

Bridget is now 10-years old, but she is still inspiring Abby to help even the families she has never met. “There are so many families that are going through the pain she and her family did and I want to raise as much money as possible to help them receive the same great support Bridget’s family received from the Leukemia Foundation.”

For every $10,000, Abby will cut off 10 centimeters of hair – with the cutting to be done by Bridget. Donate to the cause by visiting The World’s Greatest Shave website.

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