October is Mental Health Awareness Month an initiative that aims to speak out about mental health by running community events. The campaign has a different theme each year, and this year’s theme is Share The Journey, focusing on how people connect with each other, for their health and wellbeing. In keeping with the theme, Woodslane is releasing The Book Lover’s Journal to commemorate the month. The concept for the journal is to leave readers with a beautiful keepsake that encourages them to read more books, indulge in more ‘me time’ and relax and unwind.

The Book Lovers Journal is custom-designed for the bibliophile who wants to record and explore their love of books and reading.  Woodslane is releasing The Book Lover’s Journal to commemorate the month Readers will be able to record their thoughts and feelings at the time of reading the books, encouraging readers to reflect on the books they have read and examining how the books affected them.  The journal will also include prize winning book lists from the Man Booker Award, Pulitzer Prize and Nobel Peace Prize in Literature as well as bestseller lists, book quotes and other facts and figures on books.

The journal will use whole page spreads for individual book records to allow readers to keep track of what they are reading, when they read it, their thoughts and feelings, along with a rating system. Readers can write down books into lists such as Books Read, Books I Want To Read, Books I Didn’t Finish, and Books I Have Loaned Out. There is also a notes section in the books for readers to write down their thoughts and keep a record of their books.

Woodslane will be releasing the journal in October in most bookstores and the book will also be available online at Booktopia.

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