The Expert Witness gives you a front row seat to William J. Allender’s most fascinating cases. Allender is a forensic toxicologist who has been called to give expert witness evidence in a number of very high profile cases. Such cases involve drug overdoses and poisons, including pesticides, in which those substances have been used in suicides and murder.

Follow along as the crime unfolds and the investigation occurs to solve Australia’s most publicised crimes. Witness one of the country’s most knowledgeable forensic toxicologist as he unravels the science behind the misdeeds. Shocking, informative and filled with fascinating insights into the world of poisons and drugs, The Expert Witness is on the list for anyone with an interest in crime, misadventure and the experts that uncover the truth behind the evil.

Both attracted and repelled by drugs and poisons, Allender has drawn on personal investigations to develop the upcoming book. Comprised of thirty publicised Australian crimes, investigations include, ‘A Case of MDMA Madness,’ ‘The Wheelie Bin Murder,’ ‘The Black Widow,’ and ‘Death on the High Seas.’ The Expert Witness launches in all good book stores in October, with New Holland Publishers. 

Allender’s first book, A forensic casebook: True life cases involving drugs and poisons, contained 20 cases he was involved with throughout his career. Described as highly graphic with no warning, uncensored illustrations and photographs came as a surprise. Allender’s work is not for the faint-hearted, although is an informative and insightful read.

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