Lonely Planet’s The Vanlife Companion is a practical and inspiring guide to great camper van adventures.

Boasting 20 of the world’s best long-distance driving routes, profiles of 10 #vanlifers and the vehicles they have created, along with practical advice on choosing and building your own dream camper van, The Vanlife Companion has all you need for a life on the open road.

The camper van is hardly a new invention: VW first launched its iconic ‘Splitscreen’ in 1950. In the 1960s and 1970s, it was the hippies and the surfers – both of whom gravitated to the VW campervan – that thrust both the vehicle itself and romantic notions of the accompanying lifestyle into mainstream consciousness. Fast-forward to today. The internet has given people the ability to create earning potential without the necessity of a fixed office space, while social media platforms let vanlifers connect, tell stories, share tips and even arrange to physically meet up – not so far removed from the hippie campfires of old. Amidst this sea change the vanlife scene has coalesced and developed its own momentum. The #vanlife hashtag has now had over three million uses, with various close derivatives all well into six-figures.

Section one of The Vanlife Companion focuses on practical information and advice, from deciding what kind of van suits your needs, through the myriad conversion options, to tips for storage, trip planning and getting the most out of the camping experience. The next section profiles 10 trailblazing vanlifers and their vehicles, exploring their motivations and experiences as well as examining their conversions in detail, then showcases a selection of inspiring route ideas from around the world, including Australia’s Great Ocean Road, Outback Queensland, and Western Australia’s Southwest Coast; and New Zealand’s Northland & Bay of Islands, and The Southern Alps Circuit.

Whatever the situation – from vanlife veteran to someone still dreaming up their future slice of van-shaped freedom – Lonely Planet’s The Vanlife Companion will share new ideas and provide inspiration for any journey.

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