Ryan ‘The Brickman’ McNaught is bringing his latest exhibition, Brickman Awesome, to the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from Saturday 1 to 22 December.

Brickman Awesome marks Ryan’s fourth exhibition made entirely from LEGO® bricks. It features 39 models – none of which have ever been seen in Brisbane before – and is made from more than two million LEGO® bricks, taking more than 5000 hours to build.

One of the most ‘awesome’ models in the exhibition is a full-scale LEGO® replica of the new, eighth generation Toyota Camry, which is 616 LEGO® studs long, 230 LEGO® studs wide, and weighs more than a tonne. The Toyota Camry will be showcased alongside a number of record-breaking models, including the only life-sized LEGO® Harley Davidson ever made, and the largest ever LEGO® Caterpillar 797 dump truck. Adding to the awesomeness is the tallest LEGO® model in the Southern Hemisphere – a NASA SLS rocket, standing at a whopping 7.5 metre tall and built from more than 450,000 bricks. Taking more than 500 hours to build, Ryan has pushed LEGO® building boundaries by installing an in-built lighting and sound system, giving the effect that the rocket is blasting off into space.

Visitors will be forgiven for thinking they have stepped inside a zoo, as they find themselves surrounded by a LEGO® kangaroo, koala, giant orca whale and even a full-sized LEGO® Australian saltwater crocodile, weighing more than 60 kilograms and built using more than 40,000 LEGO® bricks.

Ryan said: “I’m excited to finally be bringing Brickman Awesome to Brisbane. It’s an amazing city and when we brought our previous exhibitions they were incredibly well received – Queenslanders really do have such huge enthusiasm for LEGO! My team and I have had a great time building all these record-breaking models, so I can’t wait to share them with fans and families in Brisbane. This year’s theme is quite broad. The models in the exhibition are pretty diverse, so whether you’re an animal lover, a car fanatic, or you have a love of travel, there really is something for everyone – young and old!”

In addition to seeing the models that Ryan and his team have created, LEGO® fanatics will have the opportunity to show off their own building skills at Brickman Awesome.

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