Brisbane celebrated its first Dog Lovers Show on the 4-5 November. The dog show was held at the Royal International Convention Centre at the Brisbane Showgrounds, attracting more than 11,000 visitors, 500 dogs, and more than 100 different breeds.

Visitors were able to experience educational talks from some of Australia’s most loved celebrity vets, a huge showcase of dog breeds, action-packed performances from Australia’s most talented dogs, wonderful rescue groups and local shelters, the latest and greatest dog products and several pats.

Visitors were invited to watch the dog show in the Royal Canin Arena, with highlights including celebrity vet Dr Chris Brown’s ‘meet the breeds’ showcase, Dr Katrina Warren and the Wonderdogs’ new show The Wonderdogs go on Holiday as well as acts of agility, frisbee, weave-pole, leaping, tunneling and various other tricks presented by a host of dogs including Rodney Gooch and the Krush Krew.

Other experts, such as Hollywood dog trainer, Peta Clarke, and animal behaviourist, Dr Jacqui Ley, presented talks about canine health and training.

The Brisbane Show continued the event’s initiative of raising awareness for dog adoption, providing an opportunity to connect with a rescue groups and shelters from across Queensland in the Dog Adoption Zone.

Visitors got to meet and learn more about rescue, therapy, assistance, and military dogs in a bean-bag inspired zone to allow visitors to get comfortable with the animals.

The show will return in November 2018.

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