The Queensland Theatre Company’s Artistic Director Wesley Enoch is a force to be reckoned with.

Hailing from Stradbroke Island, Wesley grew up in Brisbane and trained in Drama in the Bachelor of Arts (Drama) course at Queensland University of Technology. His career has been a rising trajectory in the arts world that has seen him tackle important indigenous issues. “Having a voice”, “demonstrating cultural ambition”, “making a change” – are all words he used to explain why he pursued a career in the arts. His thought-provoking plays such as Black Diggers, proves that he is doing just that.

“The challenge for me is to not be held back by the history of my past. It could crush you – stop you for being all that you can be,” says Wesley. Through his plays, he brings to the forefront the multitude of indigenous people who have been forgotten and who are still struggling with the shackles of racism.

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As the new artistic director for the Sydney Festival, it will be a change for Wesley who is often overseeing rehearsals all day. “The Festival is important as it is the cultural canvas for the whole city,” says Wesley. “Arts will always be supported by the public. It expands on what is possible – it shows us how amazing the future can be.”

Words by: Sarah Asokendaran

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