Now in its 23rd year, the celebrations for the Buddha Birth Day Festival will begin with the lighting of more than 1000 Red Chinese Lanterns throughout the South Bank Parklands today, Wednesday 3 April. Before the lighting takes place a special Buddhist blessing will be held to purify the lanterns and all those who enjoy their light.

More than 2500 red lanterns will light up the Parklands throughout April and May to celebrate the Festival. With the inclusion of energy saving LED globes and other sustainable measures, the Festival is now recognised as one of the largest climate friendly events in the Southern Hemisphere.

Traditionally Red Lanterns were hung above doors and in windows during periods of celebration, and denote happiness, good fortune and the ability to ward off evil spirits. Since the Festival began in 1997, nearly three million visitors have basked in the glow of the Red Lanterns, embracing the rich and memorable cultural experience on offer.

With 200,000 visitors, more than 1,000 volunteers, 400 performers and 180 events, makes this family friendly event one of Queensland’s biggest birthday celebrations and one of the largest annual commemorations of Buddha’s birthday in the world. Venerable Chueh Shan, co-organiser of the Buddha Birth Day Festival, reflects that “these Red Lanterns symbolises hope for the world and each small good action can make a difference. A single lantern allows one person to read but 2500 lanterns can brighten up a whole Parklands”.

The Buddha Birth Day Festival is one of the most iconic events of Queensland that commemorates Australia’s harmonious, cultural diversity.

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